February 15, 2018

This world makes me sad.

I'm not going to write about the most recent episode of gun violence. Everyone knows what happened. I'm not going to write about all the sexual and domestic violence. Everyone knows what happened.

Still, we let our lawmakers do nothing.

My words may never reach the top where they can make a real difference, but I still put them out there in the world because it's a small thing an artist can do that may change one person's mind one day.

Writing has always been my escape. Writing has allowed me to not be afraid of my thoughts. Writing has given me friendship and love of complete strangers who are touch by my words.

I had a very rough time in High School. I was bullied. My home life wasn't the greatest. I had plenty of friends and family around me who had no idea the truth of my troubles. Why? I honestly don't remember anymore. Maybe I was afraid to speak up. Maybe I thought my life would change too much if I spoke up.

What I do know is that I found a way to deal with my problems. I confided in a few friends and teachers. I turned to writing and reading to get all the awful thoughts out of my head.

Not everyone is as lucky as I was to find a way to deal with all the shit this world piles onto us.

If you see someone hurting, help them up, don't kick them down further.

We are all human.

We all bleed red.

We all need to care, just a little bit more.

February 8, 2018

I know, I've been a bad blogger.

Sorry I haven't posted a TV Blog lately. I've been a little blah the past few months. Something I go through every once in a while. Maybe I have that seasonal depression, who knows. I have my coping methods when this happens, which is good for you because that means I'm either writing or brainstorming.

I finished my first book of 2018 and realized I just need a break. I have at least four projects and a few sequels rolling around in my head, so this year will be busy for me and I can't wait to get back to writing.

I'm a little disappointed with the lack of replies and responses from agents. Many of them aren't even following their own guidelines. This is their job. I don't understand why they just ignore their own rules and expect everyone else to follow them.

Many authors I know either have a full-time job and write and have a family they are responsible for. If they have time to write a query letter to an agent, the least the agent can do is respond. It literally takes two minutes to read the first few lines of a query to see if you have any interest. *Shrug*

So, I'm probably pulling my submissions from agents at the end of the month. The books in question already have a home if I want, so I think I'll go that route for now.

I'm planning a TV blog for early next week.

Are you watching the Olympics?

February 7, 2018

February 2, 2018

#ThatNewsGuy Cover Reveal! #Romance

My next release is a Contemporary Romantic Comedy! That's right, a straight-up Romance book. I've been a news junkie for about 20+ years now. I've had this story in my head for a while and after chatting with my publisher and realizing we had a few New Guy Crushes in common, I knew I had to write this story.

Check out the cover, blurb, and an exclusive excerpt below! Want to be part of my newsletter subscriber giveaway on release day? JOIN NOW!

Taking a chance and making a change after his divorce, Trapper Del Rio signs up for personal training services to get in better shape for his embedded reporting gig with the Army. TFA Fitness Center is known for their discretion, having trained the famous and infamous alike over the years. When he meets the adorable curvy woman working at the Smoothie Bar, who blushes every time their eyes meet, Trapper wants to see where the explosive chemistry may lead.

After making a fool of herself the moment Trapper came up to her bar, Jessica Buckley didn’t believe the hot Latino reporter actually asked her out on a date. With a little prodding from her friends, Jessica risks dating Trapper, only to find him even more interesting off-camera. Jessica carefully navigates the intense feelings building between them, unsure she’s ready to give Trapper her heart, aware he’s going overseas in a few short months.


Jessica was working on her first batch of the samples for the day when Rava Chowdhry, the hottest trainer in TFA, smarts, talents, and even looks wise, walked out of the employee lounge. With a towel around her neck, Rava approached the bar, glancing over the counter at the contents of the fruit display.

“That looks interesting,” Rava said as she plucked a piece of mango from the pile. “Pinterest?”

“You know I can’t stop going there, I’m honestly addicted now.” Jessica shook her head, hit the power button on the blender, and motioned to the guy still walking on the treadmill. “Newbie. He’s been there for half an hour.”

“I’ve got time. He has a three-hour session, three days a week for the next three months. That’s a lot of threes. I should play the lotto.” Rava smirked and shrugged, swatting her long thick braid off her shoulder. “Isn’t he that news guy you gushed over last year during the hostage crisis?”

Jessica’s heart pounded. She glanced over to the treadmill and shook her head. “No…it can’t be.”
Rava laughed softly with a twinkle in her light brown eyes, pushed off the counter, and approached him. “Trapper, right?”

The treadmill came to a slow stop. The man picked up a towel and wiped his brow. When Trapper Del rio turned around and smiled at Rava, the whole world started spinning. Jessica’s inner fangirl burst to the surface. Aside from his sparkling smile, soft brown complexion, and bright green eyes, the man exuded confidence, warmth, and had everything someone who delivered bad news needed: a trustworthy face. Her cheeks caught fire as her eyes widened and jaw dropped. Trapper Del rio in her gym. She just died, right? There was no way…

“Jess have you met our new client?” Rava called coyly from the treadmills.

Thinking she might actually piss her pants, Jessica lifted her hand, kept her eyes locked on Rava, said hi, and ran back into the kitchen.

If Jessica thought she was going to get fired for being late, she’d been dead wrong.

“Shit, shit, shit, Trapper fucking Del rio.”

He was gonna get her fired and she’d have to list the reason on her next application: Fired for fangirling over a client. Acting like a fan or messing around with clients was the biggest no-no. Matt hated that shit. Jessica never had a problem before, she didn’t care about actors or singers, or artists, her rock stars were entrepreneurs, world leaders, activist speakers, and reporters…

“Oh my god,” Jessica gasped, giggling and covering her face as her pulse rocketed. “I’m so going to get fired.”

December 19, 2017

#Freebie, Sales, & New Release - #MIND: The Fracture is here!

To celebrate the new release of MIND: The Fracture, I have a Freebie and a couple of sales for you!!

The MIND Series had a rocky start. My original publisher for the series had some behind the scenes issues that left me feeling disregarded as an author. There were minor, quick fixes I felt were needed as both me and several editors missed a BIG error in the VERY FIRST LINE of the book!! (I'm a terrible speller. #truestory) Anyway, I was in the middle of Book 2, The Emergence and after all the drama went down, I didn't want to finish and sell them the next book. As it so happened, that publisher closed and I had already found Tiva Boon a home and asked my new publisher to take a chance on this weird cross-genre romance.

She did!

Six books later, and The Fracture is here. 👽

I want to send a special shout out THANK YOU to my awesome readers, without you I wouldn't have gone this far with the story. Your feedback and constructive reviews have made me a better writer. To all my friends, family, and author friends, thanks for always listening and helping and sharing! 💗

Sanjeeta Desai never thought anything would come of her promise to monitor the psychic population around town. Then two members of an online chat group go missing and one of her employees doesn’t show up for work. Using her unique gifts to investigate, Sanjeeta is shocked to learn the employee is missing and a psychic, too. When she contacts her mysterious benefactor to report the findings, she’s thrust into a dangerously complicated situation she may be key to solving.

Caelum has spent the last two thousand years watching and protecting the Earth and all its inhabitants. Since saving the planet and the MIND team during the Reckoning, Caelum has kept his distance until Dina Ranger’s dream infects a majority of the group. While tracing the source of the dream and the consequences it brings, Caelum meets Sanjeeta, the most powerful psychic he’d ever encountered and possibly the only person who can quiet his mind so he can stay focused and assist the team.

As pieces of the dream unravel and MIND begins to fall apart, Caelum and Sanjeeta grow closer despite the chaos surrounding them while the past, present, and future collide with deadly and cosmic implications that will alter the course of Human history forever. ON SALE NOW!


Caelum sighed, turning to the woman. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, Sanjeeta. I know how difficult it is, stepping into this world. Perhaps I’m too forthcoming and blunt, a failing of my class.”

“I disagree, ignorance is far more destructive. Overwhelmed or not, I appreciate the truth,” she said, extending her hand. “Thank you for your candor.”

Smiling, he clasped her hand and his heart skipped. All of the voices in the corners of his mind, the energy and vibrations and emotions and thoughts of the people on this planet that he fought constantly to keep locked in the back of his mind, softened.

Her eyes flashed silver. Sanjeeta quivered and tightened her grip around his fingers as she swayed.

He steadied her with a hand to the shoulder, marveling in the lack of noise in his head. Caelum thought the chances of finding another connection like this was impossible given the strength of his mind.

When she set her hand on his chest and gazed into his eyes, her breathing hitched and temperature rose tremendously beneath his grasp. “What is this?”

“Something I never thought I’d find again.” He smiled, unable to look away. “For now, think of it as the beginning of a new friendship. The last thing I want is to confuse you further. You should go home, rest. I assure you the team will contact you the moment they find information to help your friends.”

Her fingers twitched against the fabric of his shirt as she nodded. “They’re not really my…I don’t have many friends, it would be nice to have a few, even if they are a bunch of aliens.”

Caelum laughed and subconsciously brushed his thumb against her chin. “Then please, allow me to be your first.”

New To the Series? I've got you covered!!